Raised in a suburb of Los Angeles, back when boys could stroll through the Jet Propulsion Lab…Graduated from high school on the 50-yard line of the Rose Bowl…Stanford University, graduate school in American history, and law school…US Army first lieutenant during Vietnam, with new orders happily keeping me in the States.

Trial lawyer, first with the local District Attorney for three years and then decades with my own law firm; member of the American Board of Trial Advocates…Lead defense attorney in multiple appellate opinions…Author of book review column in a local newspaper for several years, numerous restaurant reviews and other articles, and A Bibliographical Introduction to Seventy-five Modern American Authors (a research study on modern American first edition fiction and poetry that can be found in most libraries).

Can’t carry a tune, play an instrument, use any tool or draw…Mildly manic collector of different items: first editions of American and British novels, political Americana (mainly pre-1876), Blackhawk and Classics Illustrated comic books, baseball cards, US postage stamps, Pepsi memorabilia…Vintner (2004-2008) of “Amaranthe,” a Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon…Aficionado of old movies and pre-psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll…Nine-time winner of the Walnut Creek Bush (fantasy baseball) League.

Married, two daughters, three granddaughters and, at last, one grandson…Devoted owner of “Frodo,” a half maltese-half shih tzu attack dog.